Oshun, A Tale of a Woman at Work

Oshun, A Tale of a Woman at Work

The Legend of Oshun tells the story of the Yoruba deities sent down to populate the earth. Oshun was the only female god sent. Dismissed and ignored by the other gods she left taking all the love and sweet water with her. Confused, that no project was taking off the male gods  turned to the great Olodumare. They asked why they weren’t succeeding. 'Where is Oshun?' ask Olodumare, the papa god. He then explained that nothing told them that nothing can be done without Oshun. Anything that they will attempt to do without women will fail. 

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Hunter Gatherer Office

The modern day corporate as a hunter gatherer tribe.  - How are they the same?

A tribe like the modern day company have very similar goals. They both aim to ensure there are enough resources for everyone so that they can expand.


Hunter Gatherer Office

How are they different?

The tribe used all its members to their unique and largest potential.

This took into account that in the field men needed to be 100% focused on the kill.

While staring down a buffalo, turning your attention to your fellow hunters or the pretty flowers even for a second could mean certain death. Today, when handling giant deals, major projects, and deadlines, the instinct remains to focus on task at hand. And nothing else. 

The gatherers needed to focus on the entire field. They would pay attention to the needs of all the tribe members. The conditions of the lands they were currently in. This maintained the ideal balance for the tribe to thrive. Between large kills the attention to the bigger picture kept the tribe going. 

Modern day corporations tend to lean towards the hunters single focus approach. They are in a constant state of being ready for the kill. This mode of operation results in the expectation of all employees to be at the ready for a kill. Regardless of their particular area of strength or weakness. 

There is great benefit to taking the high risks. Going for the big deals and finding ways to squash competition. But, that usually left a whole bunch of new problems to solve in its wake.   

In Summary

Companies, could benefit by looking at the less common approached of some employees. They could find new and more innovative ways to maintain a steady growth, between the "large kills." 


Over to you, how are things run at your place of work? 

Is it more hunter or gatherer or the happy mix of both. Found this article interesting, share it with your tribe on social media.