How to show up at work like a Spartan Part II

89 unread e-mails!?! How did that happen already? Oh no we have that meeting in 20 min. What did he recommend I do? Listen, or speak up for this one? Stop second guessing yourself, you deserve this position. She took credit for my work again!!!



Get a cup of tea and let’s get back to the to SparTech and try to find an island of calm in the ocean of demands, noise, competition etc.

Last week we got acquainted with the wonderful world of SparTech. The company that values its greatest resource, people, for their strengths and their weaknesses. Now let’s take a look at the product: the ultimate warrior. What made Spartan Warriors so successful?

How to Show Up at Work Like a Spartan Part II

Music and dance were crucial lessons for the Spartans. The Spartan army moved together as one giant unit. All in unison, all with the same goal and mission. They would stand side by side in a formation that meant that each warrior shared half their shield with the warrior to the left and relied on the warrior to the right for protection, so moving in unison was crucial. Spartan Warriors fought side by side regardless of rank.

The great loyalty and drive to fight to the death for their fellow warrior is not something that magically happened when war broke out. This was the result of all of the hard work and years spent training at the Agoge - (Spartan, training program from the age of 7 - 30)

The agoge in the context of the training the warriors went through generally meant leading, guidance or training.

It was during the years in the agoge that the Spartan warriors would learn from one another, they would be put to the toughest challenges in order to become the strongest warriors they could be. This was also a time in which the strongest bonds would form among the warriors.

The Agoge was tough and cruel, however, the result was an army that moved as one and each and every member was of the highest quality. It made them unbeatable.

So how would that look today in modern day SparTech? Warriors look out for each other regardless of rank. They take action on behalf of others without expectation. So, a manager would get their hands dirty and do the work along with their employees during times that require the extra set of hands. A developer makes a cup of coffee for a manager when they notice they haven’t left their desk of a meeting room for 4 hours straight. A co-worker says ‘Good Job!’ because the work was good and she happened to notice.

So start your own Agoge training.

  • Next time you get yourself a cup of coffee, make an extra one for someone else.

  • Volunteer to help.

  • Let your colleagues know they have done a good job when you notice that they have.

  • Say good morning with a smile to everyone you see, the cleaning people, secretaries, managers etc.

  • Clean up a meeting room after a meeting without being asked.

Choose just one of these acts or one that you come up with and consciously choose to do it for 21 days regardless of how others react, and without expectation. Choose to be the person anyone would be proud to follow. Be the role model for others of what a true warrior looks like. After 21 days, hopefully, you won’t have to think about it anymore, you will naturally start to walk a little bit taller.

And because you got others’ backs without expectation they will start to see you differently.

Be the role model. Be the person anyone will wholeheartedly fight alongside. Be a Spartan!

As so many have said before, the best way to commit new habits is consistency for at least 21 days and accountability. Please share in the comments which action you plan to take and just check in and let me know you’ve completed another day in the Agoge. It could be the new habit you choose can inspire someone else. After 21 days let’s celebrate your newfound status.

Be great! Be inspiring! Be courageous! Be a Spartan!