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The Workshop

1 Month

4 Sessions

There is a group for the Guys.

A group for the Gals.

And group for the Guys and Gals. 

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The Speaker

Entertaining and engaging speaking events to give you and your audience something to think and dream about: How to bridge the gap between the roles of men and women in today's working world by exploring the roles they played throughout history from hunter-gatherer tribes to ancient societies, through to the here and now.

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The Coach 

Let's have a cup of coffee and see where you shine as a woman or a man in the workplace and how you relate to the gender politics of a professional environment.

Have you ever felt that you were weren't being heard? 

That your true value or worth was not being appreciated?

Have you ever changed or stifled yourself, stopped yourself from asserting yourself in order to avoid a confrontation? 

As a woman have you ever dyed your hair brown or dressed down and kept those stiletto heels in the closet in hopes of being taken more seriously?

As a man, have you ever stopped yourself from telling a dirty joke to avoid the next sexual harassment seminar?

Together we can work to find a new approach to reclaim your voice and express your true worth.

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I vow to create a voice, community and the space for women to be women and men to be men in the workplace. Difference is strength.

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About Me

MY NAME IS ayelet

For as long as I can remember I loved computers. Building them, programing them and playing games. Since then I've studied electrical engineering, worked with over 15 Hi-Tech companies in 10 countries, served in positions from Quality Assurance to Game Producer, and seen the industry from all angles. This has given me a unique perspective on the challenges women face every day in the Hi-Tech world.

As a woman in the industry, I saw a need: Today, women have won the battle to have equal rights with men in the workplace. But this has created its own problems. As women struggle to find their place in the man’s world, both men and women are hiding parts of their true selves in order to maintain some level of tolerance. Unfortunately, I feel the price we are paying for repressing ourselves is far greater than the rewards.

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